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BPMN Basics, Organizing Your Business Processes


Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is a newer language but has been the focus of much attention from business and IT. As business processes grow more complex, BPMN provides a structured way to organize them. But it is important to know the basics before selecting a BPMN solution. In this screencast, TechTarget Editorial Director Peter Varhol will discuss some of the basics of BPMN, covering such topics as:

  1. Workflow and sequencing
  2. How BPMN is different from BPEL
  3. Flow objects, connecting objects and artifacts
  4. How "swim lanes" are used
  5. Speaker

    Peter Varhol Editorial Director, Application Development Media Group Peter Varhol oversees the operation of all Application Development websites and events, including,, and the Java Symposium. He has worked for 20 years in high technology in a variety of roles in the computer press, in education, and in the software industry. Most recently, Pete has worked as executive editor for Redmond Magazine and editor in chief of FTPOnline. In those positions, he covered Web and .NET technology extensively. He also sits on the board of the Eclipse Foundation. Prior to that he was the enterprise Java columnist for JavaPro magazine from 2000-06. During that time, he also worked in the software industry, most notably as product manager for Compuware Corp.'s NuMega Lab, which manufactures software test tools.
    13 Nov 2009

This resource is no longer available.