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Data Center Architecture Decisions: A Free Virtual Seminar Focused on Dealing with Data Center Growth in a Down Economy

As we head toward 2010 with hopes that the economy might begin to show signs of improvement, we're still faced with the same "do more with less" mantra of a year ago. Cloud computing, consolidation, and virtualization were already gaining steam in the data center field, but now the ongoing recession kicks their adoption into high gear. You can't predict what the economy will do next, but you can gain a thorough understanding of all the technologies available today that you can use to build a solid plan for dealing with your data center’s growth now and over the next 12 months.

That's why's editors are bringing together some of the top data center experts for a day of virtual 'Data Center Architecture' training dedicated to providing you with a coherent strategy to consolidate your data center, build a new facility or make an educated decision on the cloud model best suited for your environment. Attend this free virtual seminar and learn how to go from being a perceived cost center in your organization to running a critical business function that your firm is actually making money on.


  • Dealing with Data Center Growth: Cloud Computing, Collocation and Leasing Options
  • Data Center Expert Panel Discussion, moderated by Matt Stansberry live!
  • Best Practices for Data Center Virtualization and Hardware Utilization

Topics covered include:

  • The data center industry health report
  • Cloud computing strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
  • Colocation and cloud providers research
  • Choosing the best place to build the new data center
  • What's the real virtualization opportunity and how you know if it's right for your organization
  • How to quantify a business case around virtualization -- what are all the costs and how long does it take?
  • Which of your systems are good candidates to go virtual and how you size a new environment
  • How virtualization allows for a new economic view of IT
  • And much more!

Register now for this complimentary ‘Data Center Architecture' Virtual Seminar. Don't miss the opportunity to interact with our independent experts and your peers from around the globe, without ever leaving your office!

Data Center Decisions
10 Nov 2009
Dec 9, 2009, 09:30 EST (14:30 GMT)
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This resource is no longer available.