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Getting Control of Electronic Discovery


This ESG analyst paper discusses the challenges posed by electronic discovery processes, current methods of dealing with these issues, and the potential cost savings that companies could achieve if they choose to invest in technology to help expedite the entire operation. It will also touch on how one organization has improved control over electronic discovery by making very specific technology investments.

ESG interviewed a seasoned Litigation Support Manager from a Fortune 1000 company who shared how her company rationalized these purchases with measurable cost savings, including the ability to support nearly one discovery request per day with a staff of seven individuals spanning IT and Legal departments. As she put it, “We are a full-time litigant and as we expand our revenue opportunities, the amount of discovery requests involving ESI increase. We cannot expand the staff in proportion to this increase, nor can we rely solely on service providers to do the work, so we needed to leverage technology across the entire process.”

Additional excerpts from this discussion are included in this paper as ESG believes this company is not unlike many others that must find ways to streamline electronic discovery with the appropriate on-premise technology investments, which can eliminate inefficiencies and unnecessary costs associated with today’s current electronic discovery processes.

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04 Nov 2009
01 Dec 2008
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This resource is no longer available.