Atrion Enhances Managed Services and Boosts Profit Margins with Nimsoft

Atrion Enhances Managed Services and Boosts Profit Margins with Nimsoft


Atrion Networking Corporation offers managed services that span the full IT management lifecycle. Monitoring capabilities are a critical component in Atrion’s ability to serve its clients effectively. Consequently, when it came time to choose a new monitoring solution, the company’s managed services team undertook a rigorous, two-year evaluation of the alternatives.


When the evaluation came to an end, one vendor surpassed the rest: Nimsoft. The evaluation made clear that the Nimsoft products and its people were best equipped to support Atrion's clients and business objectives. In the end, Atrion found that the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS) fit the core of the IT services space better than anyone.


"Nimsoft allows us to do more without spending more. Now we'll be able to monitor from an application, rather than a device, standpoint, which opens up a host of new possibilities in terms of service offerings. Plus, not only can we expand our service catalog, we can offer higher value, higher margin services -- all with one tool set"
- Tim Hebert, CEO, Atrion


Read this case study to learn more about the problems Atrion faced and how Nimsoft products helped them overcome those challenges.

Nimsoft, Inc.
04 Nov 2009
04 Nov 2009
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