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Today’s Blended Threats: Identifying and Stopping Web-based Email Attacks


Organizations of all sizes continue to be challenged by increasingly sophisticated security threats. Attackers, motivated by financial gain, are constantly inventing new ways to penetrate corporate defenses and access valuable data. Their tools include new zero-day attacks, targeted threats, use of mass variant attacks, and blended threats initiated via Email. These threats are designed to evade traditional signature-based security products and comprise an ever-growing percentage of malware.

Email blended threats, in particular, have become a popular means of distributing malware. They exploit the “blind spot” and evade typical signature-based anti-virus products by drawing users to websites where new variants of malware are downloaded, often without being initiated by the user. Additionally, these threats are changed frequently to evade the traditional signature-based malware detection used on Web gateways. With current estimates by M86 Security Labs that up to 10 billion blended threats messages being sent every day, all organizations -- small and large -- need a strategy to deal with these ever changing and increasingly more sophisticated threats.

M86 Security
27 May 2010
30 Oct 2009
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This resource is no longer available.