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The 10 Worst Practices for Technical Support and How to Overcome Them

Most support professionals have seen published best practices for technical support. But often, your service quality, productivity, and financial performance are governed by worst practices --self-inflicted wounds caused by short-term thinking.

This white paper will explore 10 of the "worst practices" that are common to customer support operations. Each of these will feature a section discussing how these worst practices can creep in to your contact center, and new ways in which to deal with them. We will touch on how to eliminate well‐intentioned management blunders that can hurt your performance from within, together with good and bad uses of support technology.

Taken together, the guidelines in this report represent a summary of a new kind of best practices for support. We also touch on the latest innovations in remote technical support tools that can be utilized to not only increase the productivity of your support teams, but also the overall customer satisfaction levels of your customers.

NTR Global
29 Oct 2009
29 Oct 2009
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This resource is no longer available.