Solutions for Small to Medium Data Centers

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APC® by Schneider Electric enables you to adapt your data center to the changing needs of a business. With the same InfraStruXure® HD-Ready architecture, you can start out with a low-density data center, and later scale up to high density as needed without picking up the phone to call for more capacity, engineering or quotes. It's a complete solution, incorporating racks, power, cooling and software as well as a built-in N+1 redundancy for optimum availability.

The benefit of a modular, scalable system is immediately apparent—standardized components make for a quick, easy deployment process that takes hours as opposed to weeks. And once installed, you’ll have the freedom to virtualize servers without fear of overheating. With rack-level cooling and monitoring, you'll have complete control over your data center, no matter how often hardware changes occur:

  • Eliminate hot spots through predictable cooling paths
  • Enable quick, easy deployment of new equipment
  • Gain optimal efficiency from a right-sized environment
  • Allow room for growth without changes to the installation

    Whether you're building a small data center with fewer than 40 enclosures or a medium data center with as many as 200, APC has a solution that will enable a proactive management style that is as adaptable as it is efficient.

    Schneider Electric
    Feb 8, 2021
    Oct 23, 2009
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