Presentation Transcript: Lower IT Costs Now - Roadmap for Developing a Thin-Client Strategy

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If you are planning your next major desktop hardware refresh or upgrade, you need to consider the importance of energy efficient IT. The ever-expanding power consumption of IT will force you to source greener or be left behind! It's time to re-examine the value of implementing thin-client hardware to replace traditional desktop systems!

This presentation transcript discusses the efficency and high-performance benefits of thin client deployments and leveraging this technology to reap REAL energy savings you can measure!

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  • Get the data you need to enforce your desktop imperative
  • Discover valuable insights about the thin client value proposition
  • Build a roadmap for developing your thin-client strategy
  • Learn more about efficient HP Thin client technology

Presented by PC Connection, featuring guest speakers Euan Davis, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research and co-presenter Chet Robinson of HP.

PC Connection in partnership with HP ThinClient
Feb 8, 2021
Oct 14, 2009
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