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Content Mapped to Buying Stages Powers Nurturing Results


Drip campaigns are automated nurturing programs executed over the long term of a complex buying cycle. The goal of a drip campaign is to build dynamic engagement that develops into potential customer relationships for your company via the content you share. This said, the fact that research finds 64% of marketing and sales executives dissatisfied with their nurturing program results proves that nurturing takes more than automating one-size-fits-all email blasts. A likely contributor to the dissatisfaction with nurturing programs is that only 38% of marketers say they create content for the various stages of the sales cycle. This means that marketers who focus on developing content more strategically have a huge opportunity to leave their competitors in the dust.

Creating consistent, fresh and valuable content can seem like an overwhelming resource drain to an already stretched-thin marketing department. This guide will show you five steps you can take to turn the creation of customer-centric content into a core competency and map that information for right-time delivery that keeps your prospects focused on the success you can help them achieve.


Ardath Albee CEO and B2B marketing strategist, Marketing Interactions, Inc. Ardath Albee is CEO and B2B marketing strategist for her consulting firm Marketing Interactions, Inc. For almost a decade she's helped companies increase their marketing effectiveness by generating more and better leads for their sales forces with e-marketing and content strategies. She writes the popular Marketing Interactions blog and her book, E-Marketing Strategies for the Complex Sale, will be out this fall from McGraw-Hill.
07 Oct 2009
07 Oct 2009
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This resource is no longer available.