NetMRI -- Take Control of Network Configurations and Changes

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Product Type:
Network Change & Configuration Management

Target User:
Network Manager or Administrator

IT Problem:
Network change is the number one cause of performance related issues. NetMRI helps reduce cost by automating network change, improve service quality by managing network configurations and mitigate risk by ensuring a compliant network.

IT Download Description:
NetMRI helps you take control of network configuration and change–even identifying hard-to-find config problems before normal red lights are triggered. With a holistic network view, NetMRI automates the collection of SNMP, CLI, syslog and VoIP data and understands the impact of change on network health and policy. Instead of just tracking changes, NetMRI leverages built-in expertise and standards and analyzes change and configuration with network performance to pinpoint issues other tools will never find or manually takes you hours or days to discover. Download NetMRI now and find issues lurking on your network.

Terms of Trial License:
This fully functioning virtual appliance version of NetMRI is licensed to monitor up to 25 network devices and up to 1,000 interfaces. The NetMRI evaluation lasts 30 days.

Special Requirements:
The software requires a supported version of VMWare. If user is not an existing VMWare user, the NetMRI evaluation software includes VMWare pre-bundled.

Feb 8, 2021
Sep 29, 2009
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