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Why You Should Consider Hosted Messaging Security

Hosted, or "in-the-cloud", messaging security capabilities are becoming increasingly popular with organizations of all sizes. Some have already adopted hosted services, while others are becoming more receptive to the notion of using third party services to manage their security infrastructure than they were just a year ago. Particularly driven by the current economic recession, decision makers are realizing that hosted email security can provide a cost-effective solution while actually improving security.

Based on various surveys, Osterman Research forecasts strong growth for hosted messaging services of various types. Strongest growth within the cloud-based services market will be in the email security market, and this market is expected to lead other categories of outsourced services over the next several years. In a major study of the hosted services market conducted by Osterman Research in 2008, antispam and virus protection were the two hosted offerings that organizations identified as services that they will likely or definitely deploy to supplement internally managed infrastructure.

Read this report to learn why you should consider using hosted messaging security.

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25 Sep 2009
19 Feb 2009
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This resource is no longer available.