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Virtualize Your End-to-End IT infrastructure and Reduce OpEx and CapEx

Many companies that have deployed server virtualization to improve the utilization of their computer resources are still struggling with massive data growth, rising storage maintenance cost, and underutilized storage assets from a multitude of vendors. A virtual storage infrastructure available only from HP can double your capacity utilization and cut management costs in half with innovations that unlock trapped capacity in individual servers or in enterprise disk arrays.

A virtual storage infrastructure from HP StorageWorks simplifies management of data growth with virtual arrays and consolidates distributed arrays into a single pool of capacity; with easy-to-deploy starter kits you can increase storage utilization by 300 percent, reduce management costs by 50 percent, and manage 3X more storage and 2X more servers per administrator1. The HP approach to Data Center Virtualization fundamentally changes how enterprises unitize the resources across the entire IT infrastructure to reclaim trapped capacity, reduce the risk of data movement, and respond to business changes.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
23 Sep 2009
21 Sep 2009
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This resource is no longer available.