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The Definitive Guide to Windows Application Server and Backup 2.0 - Chapter 3: Whole Server Backups


Recovered from the horror stories of the previous chapter? Ready to start ensuring solid backups in your environment, the Backup 2.0 way? That's what this chapter is all about, and what I call “whole server backups” is definitely the right place to begin. This is where I'll address the most common kinds of servers: file servers, print servers, directory servers, and even Web servers-the workhorses of the enterprise. I'll show you what some of the native solutions look like, discuss some of the related Backup 1.0 -style techniques and scenarios, and detail why they just don't cut it for today's businesses. Then I'll assemble a sort of Backup 2.0 wish list: All the things you want in your environment for backup and recovery. I'll outline which of those things are available today, and wrap up by applying those things to some real - world server roles to show how those new techniques and technologies impact real -world scenarios.

AppAssure Software, Inc.
21 Sep 2009
21 Sep 2009
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This resource is no longer available.