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Accelerate Business Through a Cost-efficient Virtual Workforce: Citrix Transforms IT into an On-Demand Service for Virtual Workers

The traditional workforce model of permanent employees located in a single or small number of offices has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, accelerated by the effects of the current economic landscape. Drivers of this trend include initiatives to drive growth and expand into other markets, improve customer service, speed to market, improve decision-making processes, and increase both worker and overall organisational productivity. The trend is further accelerated by the cost-saving advantage across labor, travel and facility budgets, the desire to tap a broader labor pool, and improving employee satisfaction and thus retention.

Today, workers in a single organisation may span physical locations worldwide, from a financial services employee working at a remote branch office, to a doctor roaming the halls of a hospital checking on patients, to an outsourced call centre worker in an offshore location to an employee or even contractor working from home. While a virtual workforce provides many tangible benefits to organisations, it also increases the complexity of the challenges associated with delivering IT to a variety of user scenarios. The challenges include managing productivity and collaboration across various worker types, while securely delivering applications, data, communications, and support to ensure that these workers are as productive as possible, no matter where they are located. These challenges can be easily addressed if the right IT solution is put into place as a foundation for support.

This white paper defines a virtual workforce, describes the challenges and requirements that organisations face when supporting a virtual workforce, and explains how Citrix solutions can address these requirements and scale accordingly to foster and support future growth.

18 Sep 2009
25 May 2009
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This resource is no longer available.