Internet Gambling Sites: Expose Fraud Rings and Stop Repeat Offenders with Device Reputation

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With more personal information accessible over the Internet, identity-based fraud management systems alone do not provide a comprehensive solution for effectively detecting and preventing online fraud. Fraudsters, using the Internet to buy, sell and trade personal and financial information, have built thriving illegal networks to share data and techniques on how to defraud online gambling businesses. In order to reduce fraud loss that directly impacts their bottom line, online gambling sites must adapt more effective solutions that look at information independent of what data is supplied by players. A device fingerprinting solution—such as iovation ReputationManager™—provides unique insight into the computers being used to connect to online gambling sites, exposing a computer's reputation and uncovering hidden device-to-account relationships that other fraud tools often miss.

Device fingerprinting helps identify fraudsters at the source so online gambling sites can shut down repeat offenders and keep them out. Working in conjunction with existing fraud detection techniques, a device fingerprinting solution provides online gambling sites with a comprehensive fraud management solution. This white paper will help you understand what new and innovative techniques can be used to combat online fraud and abuse, and how online casinos can realize a true return on investment by reducing losses from fraud exposure and increasing operational efficiency within the fraud detection process.

iovation, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Jun 22, 2009
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