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Five Truths About Enterprise Data Protection

Data has always played a vital role in business. Today, automated business processes and services are driven by essential data that is more mobile than ever before. The accelerating pace of business means that data is transferred faster, stored on more devices, and shared more often — with more people, around the world.

As a result, your business data is increasingly vulnerable. The reason for the increased risk of data breaches: data is now more mobile. Laptops, USB flash drives, and mobile phones routinely carry data out of the office. Emails transmit sensitive business information throughout the day. Data stored on file servers is accessed and shared across offices and business units. And outsourcing is more common, placing more confidential information in the hands of third parties.

How can your business secure data that is always on the move?

Read this paper to learn valuable information for securing your data with an enterprise-wide data encryption strategy that will liberate your business and prevent the huge financial and image-related losses that a data breach can cause.

PGP Corporation
17 Sep 2009
22 Dec 2008
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This resource is no longer available.