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ESG Brief: Nexsan and FalconStor Team for High Performance, Operationally Efficient Disk-based Backup


By now, most organizations are not wondering if they should evaluate disk-based backup to expedite data protection processes. Rather, they are trying to figure out what solution is best for them—a difficult task given the amount of data requiring protection continues to increase as IT budgets being are cut. The evaluation criteria list for disk-based backup solutions is likely to change; performance is no longer enough. Now, a solution must also be able to cut data center expenses as nearly two-thirds of those companies recently surveyed by ESG cite reduction in operating costs as the best way to justify an IT investment over the next two years. Translated—organizations are more likely to evaluate disk-based backup targets that are easy to implement and manage, that reduce the amount of capacity needed to store a backup, and that minimize power consumption while being able to actually complete the backups within the designated window.

Disk-based backup, deduplication, and MAID are three of the most talked about technologies in the storage industry—each is so popular that organizations often purchase them individually just to see the capabilities they can bring to their environments. Now, all three are available in Nexsan's DeDupe SG—an integrated system from Nexsan and FalconStor that promises to optimize almost any backup environment.

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10 Sep 2009
01 Aug 2009
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This resource is no longer available.