PlateSpin Recon: Virtual Capacity Management and Consolidation Planning

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Are you relying on best guesses to identify underutilized physical servers and virtual hosts? How can you be sure you are allocating sufficient resources for current and future needs? Put an end to guess work with PlateSpin Recon, a unique workload profiling solution that tracks actual CPU, disk, memory, and network utilization over time, on both physical and virtual hosts. Every server workload and virtual host has utilization peaks and valleys. PlateSpin® Recon can build consolidation scenarios that match these peaks and valleys. This reduces resource contention and ensures higher consolidation ratios compared to other approaches that use just a single snapshot or record only peak usage. And higher consolidation ratios mean better use and longer life for your current hardware, and fewer new servers to buy in the future. See how PlateSpin Recon makes planning any data center initiative-especially the adoption or expansion of a virtual infrastructure-easy and successful.
Novell, Inc.
Aug 28, 2009
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