Presentation Transcript: What is End-to-End Application Performance Management?

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If one of your servers went down today, would you know about it? Probably. However, if an obscure service on a small server of a much larger solution started running at a slower rate than normal, chances are it would go unnoticed. It's not even big enough to register a warning. Yet connect that same obscure service to a critical business activity, and any slight reduction in performance could easily turn into a four-alarm fire. And, that's a crisis you'll want to know about-before system service totally goes up in smoke!

Join this Presentation Transcript to find out how to stop seemingly inconsequential glitches before they ignite larger performance problems. Greg Shields, the author of "The Definitive Guide to Application Performance Management," shares his expertise and insight as he takes a comprehensive look into Application Performance Management (APM), an industry-leading best practice for monitoring business services and applications.

Discover how APM can help you quickly dive into the root causes of problems-no matter where in your infrastructure they originate. See for yourself how implementing a comprehensive APM strategy provides you with a greater understanding of the impact of problems. Plus, get first-rate recommendations on how you can recognize and quantify the overall health of your IT infrastructure and business services direct from a pro. Following his presentation, Greg will answer your specific questions on APM. Reserve your spot today!

APM Presentation Transcript Highlights

  • The history of APM: How far have we really come?
  • What factors truly drive APM
  • Common challenges; practical solutions
  • Q&A with Greg Shields
Compuware Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Aug 28, 2009
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