Sybase IQ: The Economics of Business Reporting

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Each year, the amount of data your company handles grows exponentially, as does the number of users who need access to insights from this growing data. Your systems must work harder every day to satisfy increased demands for answers that support mission-critical business decisions. Data analysis and business reporting are consuming more and more of system and staff resources. It's time to evaluate better alternatives.

Clearly, there is a growing demand for business intelligence in all forms. Decision-makers want and need better access to information to make smarter, faster decisions in response to changing circumstances or events. Reporting is one form of business intelligence that has become business-critical.

Once produced only by behind-the-scenes accountants and analysts, and received and acted upon only in the executive suites, today, reporting is recognized as a way for companies to improve service, ensure quality, control costs, and prevent losses by empowering decision-makers throughout the organization.

Traditionally, reports were routine, scheduled documents that provided a snapshot of operations within a department or across the enterprise. Increasingly, business reporting encompasses dynamically updated, visually rich dashboards and on-demand ad-hoc report generation for a wide variety of decision makers.

Sybase, an SAP company
Feb 8, 2021
Aug 1, 2009
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