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Endpoint Security: Visible Coverage in a Single, Scalable Platform


Managing network systems to ensure endpoint security is more difficult than ever before. Enterprises struggle with distributing and updating software, managing assets, maintaining availability, and securing data across all clients and servers. Add to this the challenge of managing new technology trends such as a mobile workforce, green IT initiatives, collaborative Web 2.0 tools, and social networking sites—all within an economy that demands lower costs. Enterprises are faced with the challenge of efficiently utilizing these tools to support their business while having to secure their endpoints against increasingly sophisticated malware.

The increasing availability of new, business-critical endpoint applications has created more avenues for malware to exploit, making endpoints the most at-risk point in the network. Most endpoint security has not caught up to new business practices required in today’s workplace. Two thirds of most enterprise endpoints are likely to be infected by malware each year.

To combat endpoint threats, enterprises often piece together security and systems management products to create a stronger defense. But this patchwork approach provides poor visibility and control, slowing the ability to issue policy enforcement across endpoints to ensure effective protection. And when threats change or enterprise needs evolve, it can take months to deploy additional products across enterprise endpoints. This delay creates a critical security gap that puts the enterprise at risk.

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24 Aug 2009
06 Jan 2009
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This resource is no longer available.