Dell Client Energy Savings Calculator

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The energy calculator is intended to be a tool to help customers:
  • Understand the energy consumption in client products
  • Provide numerical values that can be used in typical heat loading calculations and total cost of ownership calculations
  • Identify to end users the energy consequences of the system configurations they select
  • Point out advantages of implementing power management in client systems
  • Demonstrate advantages in annual energy costs of Dell energy efficient configuration options
The Dell Client Energy Savings Calculator is intended to provide a tool that will allow customers to estimate the energy consumed by a computer over a year's time and the resulting cost to operate the system over that period. The calculator will reflect the end user usage profile and type of system used along with some amount of system configuration to generate the annual energy usage and cost estimates. The calculator provides the capability to select energy saving features and compare the cost savings they provide.
Dell, Inc. and Intel®
Feb 8, 2021
Aug 20, 2009
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