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Project Name Multi-Sponsor Email Lead Distribution Business Owner/Requestor Requesting Department Date Requested Due Date or Timeframe Early to Mid May All requests need to be reviewed and approved by a Business Reviewer. Business Reviewers may approve their own requests. Please complete this form and send it to the Business Reviewer for your area. o Editorial: John Hogan o Operations: Dan Waggenheim o Media Group Marketing: April Livermore o Media Group other than Marketing: Kevin Beam o Social Networking: Sean Brooks o Product Management and Audience Optimization: Jeff Ramminger o SP and Product Development: SDP Review Team o SharePoint: Sean Tierney o Questions?: Contact the PMO The Business Reviewer or Owner should then forward the project request form to with the approval. 1 Describe the change/project being requested, in as much detail as possible: Currently the leads generated by Multi-Sponsor Resources - Resources associated to multiple Organizations' LeadCenter - are attributed to all the sponsors' LeadCenter; as a result of this it is not possible to have the leads generated from a dedicated promotion appear only some of the sponsors' LeadCenters. The goal of this project is to allow leads generated by an email for a resource - associated to multiple organizations' campaigns - to only display in specific organization's LeadCenters. This would be done by modifying the lead processing rules, so that a user could specify which Organizations' LeadCenter (in addition to the Resource's Primary Org) the lead should be attributed to. This would be accomplished by the user adding a parameter or set of parameters to the Bitpipe URL being used in the promotion. These parameters would then be read by the Lead Processor to determine which organizations that Leads should be attributed to. Illustration: Multi-Sponsor Resource: eBook: Compliance 2.0: Comprehensive, Scalable and Sustainable Systems Primary Org: (1223411783_735) Sponsors: Shavlik (993094448_631) Rapid7 (1222709773_605) Symantec (939987896_418) Dedicated 1 Promotion Leads should be attributed to Shavlik Dedicated 2 Promotion Leads should be attributed to Shavlik & Symantec For dedicated 1 - the trafficker would append the parameter to indicate that in addition to the Primary Org leads should only be attributed to Shavlik: For dedicated 2 - the trafficker would append the parameter to indicate that in addition to the Primary Org leads should only be attributed to Shavlik & Symantec: As a result of the user adding the parameter as illustrated above leads dropped against this resource would only be attributed to the above organizations in addition to primary organization. 2 Why is this change necessary (business case)? The primary reason for this project is to efficiently support the "Add on Dedicated" revenue stream for the CIO Media Group's Multi-Sponsor Programs as well as potential revenue streams for other media groups (see section 3 business opportunities for details). The current lead processing functionality does not allow leads from Multi-Sponsor Resource to be attributed to only some of the sponsors. This is currently being support for existing programs - through the use of a labor intensive work around. Where operations is required to create duplicate versions of the content and then restrict all but one version of the content from the site. Obviously, this means that the time it takes to execute on the resource setup for these types of campaigns is significantly increased for each additional resource that is required. In addition to the increased work associated with creating content strictly for the purposes of properly distributing promotional leads - restricted versions are used in the promotions and only associated to the appropriate sponsors' org - this work around that is being used has a high level of risk associated to it. • Creating multiple versions increases risks that one might be improperly posted - creating issues such as: o Lead not being collected on one of the versions o Duplicate version actually publishing to the site o Required Updates to copy or URL may not occur across all versions o Etc… • Managing multiple resources can be problematic and could result in issues such as: o All sponsors receiving the promotional leads o The wrong resource | resources being added to a campaign 3 What business opportunity is depending on this change? ADD DETAILS ON $$ HERE. 4 How will you measure the success of the project? Include specific measures like number of leads, members, page views, revenue, or time savings. Success will be measured from an efficiency stand point by the elimination of the need to create duplicate resources. In terms of revenue it is estimated that this revenue stream has the potential to ADD DETAILS HERE. 5 What other alternatives exist for addressing this need? The only alternative that exists are as follows: • Continue to utilize the work around and diverting operational resources from other areas, in addition to accepting the high risk level that something will go wrong; resulting in a make good. • Abandon this approach as way to grow and increase Multi-Sponsor Revenue 6 Timeframe needed and what is driving this timeframe (Contract date? Client deliverable?) Please be specific. Early to Mid May - Operations is already struggling to execute on existing Multi-Sponsor programs that include "exclusive" dedicates and the CIO Media Group has had to pull the "exclusive" dedicateds from there Multi-Sponsor collateral - sacrificing revenue - given the operational issues related to this offer. 7 Teams of Users that will need training (to be completed by business owners and technical staff). Name Department Communication Required (notify, train, other rollout needs?)

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This resource is no longer available.