A Library Based Approach to Threading for Performance

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Libraries play an important role in threading software to run faster on Intel multi-core platforms.

Multi-core platforms are the default computer platforms sold throughout the world. On a multi-core platform there are multiple processors contained on a single chip. That is, each chip has multiple cores that are each a full processor. A decade ago only servers and high end workstations contained multiple processors in configurations called symmetric multi-processor (SMP) systems. A multi-core platform offers the same performance benefits a SMP system did years ago. (SMP systems with multiple multi-core chips are still available for high-end workstations and servers). Even laptops contain multi-core processors now. Each core or processor on a multi-core chip can independently complete computational tasks, improving platform performance and enhancing the end user experience.
Intel Software Network
Feb 8, 2021
May 22, 2008
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