Lumension Endpoint Protection - Whitelisting Technology Improves Security, Reliability, and Performance via Trusted Change

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With Lumension Endpoint Protection, whitelisting guards your systems by allowing only approved processes and applications to run on the endpoint. Whitelisting protects your systems against malware and viral programs while improving total data security and overall system performance.


Adding Lumension Data Protection for device control lets you manage removable storage devices and stop leakage of sensitive information. Though malware is a significant cause of data theft, data can also be lost, misplaced, or intentionally stolen while at rest on physical storage devices. The ease and speed with which gigabytes of data can be copied to a thumb drive, for example, requires a security solution that controls not only what devices can be attached to a computer but how much data can be copied at a time and whether it is encrypted. Lumension Data Protection provides that control, and offers detailed forensics of who is moving data and where. It's a perfect complement to application whitelisting.

Feb 8, 2021
Sep 1, 2008
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