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Mercury Network Storage System: BlueArc’s Next Generation Platform for Consolidation

The BlueArc Mercury™ Server is a next generation network storage platform that consolidates capacity across multiple applications and simplifies storage management for businesses with mid-range storage requirements - without compromising performance and scalability. The Mercury platform deploys BlueArc's hardware accelerated file system, and its open architecture excels across a variety of application environments, including general purpose file systems, database, messaging and online fixed content. When combined with BlueArc's advanced data management services and an integrated Storage Ecosystem, Mercury provides for an optimized storage solution that:
  • Consolidates application storage requirements, leveraging advanced file system capabilities and virtualization to reduce the TCO of storage infrastructures
  • Enables the highest performance and scalability of any product in its class through a hardware accelerated file system
  • Simplifies management of large, dynamic data sets with Intelligent Tiered Storage to reduce the cost of keeping more data online
  • Supports best-in-class storage devices and complementary third-party technologies through an integrated Storage Ecosystem to eliminate storage silos

Using Mercury, organizations can replace a number of dedicated legacy systems with far fewer Mercury systems, supporting multiple applications and a larger number of concurrent users. As a result, they can eliminate isolated storage silos, reduce infrastructure and energy costs, and simplify management-reducing overall total cost of ownership.

BlueArc Corp.
07 Aug 2009
01 Aug 2008
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This resource is no longer available.