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Beating the Browser Wars: How to Win the Battle for Web Performance


The war of the browsers is in full swing and we are stuck in the middle. With the new Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla's FireFox, and Apple's Safari, what is a web professional to do? Sure, all these browsers promise exciting new capabilities intended to accelerate growth and convienance of Web 2.0 features and functionality, but with new advantages comes new challenges. Web enterprises have to anticipate conflicting requirements among multiple browsers, such as:

  • Conflicts in connectivity
  • Conflicts in presentation
  • Conflicts in the performance

In this paper Gomez, the leading provider of web application experience management solutions, is sharing what they know; practical advice that can help you survive and even prevail in this combative environment. This paper also explores the significant differences among the major browsers and their impact on web design, development, user experience and performance. Along with defining the key areas of web user experience affected by these differences, this paper also presents a clear outline of effective actions - steps you can take immediately to anticipate change and emerge triumphant.

Read this paper to learn everything you need to know to not only survive the browser wars but to come out triumphant as well.

03 Aug 2009
03 Aug 2009
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This resource is no longer available.