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Using Total Cost of Ownership to Determine Optimal PC Refresh Lifecycles

In order to accurately assess current PC ownership and management costs, Wipro analysts gathered detailed data from 106 firms in North America and Europe including representation from 15 different industries. Each firm had a minimum of 2,500 PCs, of which at least 25% were laptops. The firms all managed elements of PC support with internal IT staff. The data shows that for most firms, the optimal PC refresh lifecycle for both laptop and desktop PCs is three years.

Written for IT decision makers and practitioners across industry verticals who are responsible for managing fleets of laptop and desktop PCs, this paper provides:

  • A total cost of ownership (TCO) assessment framework for optimal PC refresh rates based on Equivalent Annual Cost analysis. The framework takes into account PC acquisition, management, and warranty costs.
  • Analysis of further TCO reduction opportunities offered by Intel vPro technology and a framework to quantify those benefits.
  • Investigation of power savings offered by both optimizing PC refresh rates and by Intel vPro technology.
Wipro Technologies
27 Jul 2009
04 May 2009
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This resource is no longer available.