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ROI for the Online Channel: The Business Drivers for Your Investments in WCM Technology


For organizations, the Internet is an integral strategy and a fundamental consideration when meeting business objectives. In fact, it has revolutionized how organizations do business. More than just a source of corporate information, the Internet is now an extension of business processes and communication strategies. As we have moved into the era of the customer, new requirements are forcing customer-facing organizations to rethink how to engage and inspire online audiences.

However, in an economy where every investment needs to be balanced against cost reductions and its effect on executing business objectives, it is essential that the projected return on investment is known prior to making any purchasing decisions.

Industry-leading companies have achieved large-scale reductions in the total cost of ownership by gaining control over communication complexity through Web Content Management. This leads to increased revenue streams through the execution of a targeted customer engagement strategy and improved internal efficiency through alignment of processes and people. The three main dimensions discussed and corroborated with real-world customer examples and experiences are:

  • Managing communication complexity
  • Operational alignment
  • Customer engagement
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SDL Web Content Management Solutions Division
20 Jul 2009
01 Jun 2009
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This resource is no longer available.