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Configuring Systems for High Bandwidth I/O

Today's systems are designed for throughput. Typically, throughput comes in the form of multiple processing streams that handle many data streams, and performance is measured as the number of Web service transactions, connections per second, and more. However, a class of applications remains that demands very high bandwidth I/O to and from storage devices in a single data stream. For example, operational intelligence and surveillance, epidemic trend analysis and prediction, failure analysis of aircraft and ships, predictive traffic management, weather and ocean forecasting, virtual design, astronomy, human genomics, and other scientific disciplines are data-intensive, and depend on streaming read/write I/O performance.

In such applications, massive data sets must be shared by a community of hundreds or thousands of users distributed worldwide. These users need to be able to transfer large subsets of these data sets to local sites or remote resources for processing. The success and continued proliferation of such advanced data sharing depends heavily on high-performance data acquisition, transfer, and storage for real-time data collection, processing, visualization and simulation. This Sun BluePrints™ article describes a recipe for configuring systems to support the very high bandwidth I/O capabilities needed by data-intensive applications.


Kevin Colwell Solutions Architect, Sun Microsystems Kevin Colwell is a Solutions Architect in Sun Professional Services. He actively supports Sun Federal customer projects in which high-performance data access and management are keys to success. Prior to joining Sun Professional Services, Kevin was a Systems Engineer supporting business development opportunities with benchmarking, proof-of-concepts, and proposal development. In addition to high bandwidth applications, he also is experienced in application optimization, large data warehouse solutions, and multipetabyte data management. Carolyn Bumatay Systems Engineer, Sun Microsystems Carolyn Bumatay has been working with UNIX systems and cross-platform software for over twenty years. Prior to Sun, her experience focused on software architecture and development, datacenter operations, and Information Technology project management. She has been a Systems Engineer at Sun for the past 10 years, working with both commercial customers and those in the federal government space. Carolyn supports a variety of activities including performance benchmarking, datacenter optimization initiatives, and architecture proof-of-concept efforts using Sun hardware and software platforms.
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20 Jul 2009
27 May 2009
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This resource is no longer available.