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Building a Highly-Available Enterprise Network with Juniper Networks EX Series Ethernet Switches


The enterprise network has long been a crucial component of business operations. However, current business and technology trends - from globalization to the convergence of data, voice and video - are making the network more critical than ever, driving the need for non-stop operations. IT faces a number of challenges in reducing both planned and unplanned network outages and the resulting service degradation, whether they result from upgrades, hardware failures, software failures or human error.


Key to achieving five "9s", or 99.999 percent uptime, is boosting device, network and operational availability. Juniper Networks® has designed its new EX Series Ethernet Switches with all three aspects of availability in mind, giving enterprises the flexibility to implement high availability (HA) in all portions of the network.


At the device level, Juniper provides hot swappable and redundant components and modular software for fault isolation, with in-service software upgrades available in a future Juniper Networks JUNOS® Software release for those platforms with redundant Route Engines. To improve availability at the network level, EX3200 fixed-configuration switches, EX4200 switches with Virtual Chassis technology, and EX8200 line of terabit-chassis switches all enforce network access controls and support link, path and route redundancy. In addition, each switch platform comes standard with consistent control plane software that includes full Layer 3 support and robust quality of service (QoS) mechanisms to ensure stable network operations and consistent traffic handling end to end.


Recognizing that human error is the primary cause of network downtime, Juniper Networks has focused on operational availability. By adhering to a strict software development and release process, Juniper greatly simplifies new feature deployment and software upgrades, as well as adds, moves and changes, reducing the likelihood of operator error. In addition, Juniper software offers tools that can automate routine configuration and management tasks, further reducing the chances of downtime triggered by a misconfiguration or poorly implemented change.


With the introduction of its EX Series Ethernet Switches, Juniper Networks is advancing the economics of networking, enabling customers to build the high-performance, carrier-class infrastructure they need for non-stop operations, while at the same time reducing both capital and operational expenses. This enables enterprises to invest more time and money on strategic projects and less on keeping the network up and running.


Read this whitepaper for a complete description of Juniper's EX Series Ethernet Switches.

Juniper Networks, Inc.
17 Jul 2009
17 Feb 2009
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This resource is no longer available.