Whitepaper: How to Segregate & Load Balance 10G Traffic to 1G Tools

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The latest Internet phenomenon Web 2.0 is transforming the World Wide Web from a collection of static portals to a dynamic interactive medium ideally suited for commerce, advertising, grass-root content creation, as well as on-demand multimedia consumption.

Besides the critical mass in broadband adoption and wireless accessibility, an important enabling factor for Web 2.0 is the commoditization of high speed networking technology. Whereas in the year 2000, service providers struggled with deploying expensive 100-Meg Fast Ethernet switching technology, today they have all but transitioned to Gigabit Ethernet to stay competitive. This is the year of 10 Gigabit. Few customers are willing to be left behind and most are already moving feverishly to transition their core network to 10-Gig in order to enjoy additional cost savings and substantial performance gains.

Feb 8, 2021
Jul 6, 2009
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