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Webcast: Agile Test Management - Why "Good Enough" Isn't Enough

With a variety of automation tools in place, a mix of Agile and traditional projects in play, and the number of tests on the rise, complexity is an understatement for enterprise software teams. Effective test management can make or break your approach to managing quality, getting you beyond "good enough" testing and providing the metrics and visibility you need for success. "Good enough" is no longer good enough.

Learn how to:

  • Distinguish between test management in Agile vs. Traditional software development
  • Integrate test management best practices for complex testing environments that include a variety of tools and processes
  • Devise effective Agile test management strategies for globally distributed teams

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Joachim Herschmann Director of Product Management, Borland Software Joachim Herschmann is the Director of Product Management for Borland Software and is responsible for overseeing the evolution of Borland's Lifecycle Quality Management (LQM) suite of products and solutions. Joachim came to Borland in April 2006 through the acquisition of Segue, a leading testing solution provider. Joachim has more than 15 years of IT-Business experience-more than half in the consulting and testing business. Marc Nadeau Senior Director, Blackboard, Inc. Marc Nadeau is the Senior Director of the QA Team, QA Automation Team, and the Development Infrastructure and Release Engineering Team in Product Development at Blackboard Inc. Marc joined Blackboard in September of 2003 to help build a high performing Quality Assurance Team and to introduce industry-wide best practices into Blackboard's QA process.
Borland Software Corporation
Jul 21, 2009, 12:00 EDT (16:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.