Meeting Compliance Objectives in SharePoint®

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This document will first briefly review the general principles underlying today's regulatory and legal environment, then analyze how these principles can translate to concrete SharePoint compliance strategies. Though the regulatory framework today's organizations face is dynamic and can vary by both country and industry, we can - for our purposes here - benefit from analyzing the entire regulatory ecosystem through the prism of the five major regulations that govern much of today's business and civic activity.

We will then analyze SharePoint's native capabilities to meet these compliance obligations, reviewing both the out-of-the-box tools and the procedures by which administrators can implement these tools to meet compliance demands. To help elucidate these procedures, we will walk through several compliance-related tasks organizations often face, highlighting both best practices and potential hurdles.

Finally, we will review strategies organizations can adopt to streamline and optimize their compliance initiatives. We will briefly analyze the financial and legal cost/benefit of such strategies, and using our common compliance tasks as examples, describe how organizations might leverage these tools to achieve a more robust, efficient, and manageable compliance strategy.

This document is intended to aid IT administrators and other stakeholders responsible for managing SharePoint deployments, in planning and implementing a comprehensive, reliable, and efficient compliance strategy appropriate to their organizational needs.

AvePoint, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 1, 2009
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