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Compuware Takes on the BSM Challenge

Compuware may well be the "sleeper" in the Business Service Management (BSM) market space. Earlier this year, the company announced the acquisition of Proxima Technology and more recently announced the Vantage Service Manager - the fruits of its integration with the Vantage product suite. Vantage Service Manager is a significant enhancement based on the intellectual capital from Proxima Technology. Proxima's Centauri solution naturally enhances the previous Compuware offering to include metrics directed at the BSM market space. And why not? As an industry leader in application management and network performance, Compuware's customers are eager for service management within a familiar framework. Vantage Service Manager supplies IT and CIOs with dashboards and impact graphs that allow them to quickly and easily get answers to questions regarding just how much or how little IT services are contributing to the business - forward momentum in the marketplace. This addition, when added to the deep application performance solution, and Compuware's former acquisition of Changepoint, creates a trio of solutions that potentially could upset the top-tier BSM solutions in the market.

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Compuware Corporation
10 Jun 2009
28 Jun 2007
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