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Quantum DXi-Series: Deduplicated Backup and Remote Replication Solutions

Oceans of data are pouring into your organization, demanding more money to back it up and time to manage it. Backing up data to disk is one option, but with conventional disk systems you'll run out of space or budget pretty fast. You can't afford to keep more than a few days of backups on conventional disk systems; after that time you'll have to expire data or move it to something else. Conventional disk is vulnerable too - to protect data against loss or damage you have to do something else with it. The only real alternative for most users is to write the backup to removable media. Tape is inexpensive and reliable, however it can be combersome to transport tapes, especially in smaller satellite offices - adding restores in offsite storage or offices can take days.

Data deduplication washes all these concerns away. With deduplication you get disk backup performance, but reduce capacity needs by 90% or more. Deduplication looks inside and across files to find duplicate data segments and when it finds a block it has seen before, it stores a pointer instead of storing the data again - that means you can send a lot more backup data to disk, store it in less space, and keep it there for months.

Watch this illuminating video to learn more about data deduplication as well as how the Quantum DXi-Series disk backup and replication solutions leverage data deduplication technology to dramatically shrink your disk requirements and enable remote replication replication as a disaster recovery technique.

Quantum Corporation
10 Jun 2009

This resource is no longer available.