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Genius Project4Domino Versus Microsoft Project Server 2007

When you are experienced enough to know, you need more than just a scheduling tool like Microsoft Project to help manage your project. Most medium to large sized companies utilize or are looking to deploy enterprise project management to support, plan and follow-up their core business processes. Regardless of your company's industry, the ultimate goal is the same: maximize performance of projects or services oriented workers and companies.

To achieve this goal, an organization using Microsoft Project must be able to:

  • centralize and share Microsoft Project plans
  • consolidate and better manage project teams across all projects
  • consolidate resource usage across all projects
  • have an easy to use timesheet user interface
  • manage project related documents
  • manage issues and risks
  • improve collaboration in and across projects
  • easily access your project data through a Web client
  • consolidate non project related, as well as project related activities in personal calendars
  • produce status reports

It's no secret that project managers that have used or continue to use Microsoft Project desktop to plan their project, believe that the move to Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management Solution (EPM) may be the next logical step to gain access to enterprise project management features.

The goal of this white paper is to demonstrate that Genius Project4Domino has a stronger ROI, is better integrated, is rich in features, and is a more cost effective (TCO) alternative - especially for Domino and Lotus Notes users. The comparison benefits for Exchange and other platforms are similar.

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10 Jun 2009
01 Oct 2007
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This resource is no longer available.