Online Dating: Keeping Your Members Safe from Online Scams and Predators

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Each year, more and more people are turning to the Internet to find romance. At the same time, cyber-criminals continue to seek opportunities to exploit the vulnerability of singles on a global scale. Security is a major challenge for internet dating sites, which can attract scammers, spammers, stalkers and predators, not to mention fraudsters there to mine other members' identities.


For dating sites to succeed, they must maintain a high-quality prospect pool in order to retain their members. And if they do provide a satisfying environment, chances are high that some members will purchase premium services in the future. To keep the quality of their prospect pool high, they must find ways to prevent and detect fraudsters, and block them from future attempts. These unwanted members on dating sites range from misbehaving users to large and organized fraud groups. They spam members, run romance scams to obtain funds from members, phish for identity information, engage in cyberbullying and even predatory behavior.


In order to keep fraudsters out, romance sites must deploy effective solutions that look at information independent of what is supplied by users. A device fingerprinting solution such as iovation Reputation Manager™ provides unique insight into the computers being used to create multiple accounts and exposes hidden device-account relationships that identity-based fraud solutions often miss.


Device fingerprinting helps identify the bad guys so online dating sites can eliminate their accounts from the network once and for all. Working in conjunction with existing fraud detection techniques, a device fingerprinting solution provides internet dating sites with a comprehensive solution for closing the door on repeat offenders. This white paper will help you understand what new and innovative techniques can be used to protect the reputation of your business, keep your members in a safe and trusted environment, while keeping the fraudsters out.

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Feb 8, 2021
Jun 9, 2009
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