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SUN SPARC® ENTERPRISE T5440 SERVER ARCHITECTURE: Unleashing the UltraSPARC® T2 Plus Processor with CoolThreads™ Technology for Mission-Critical Workloads

Serving the dynamic and growing pace of Web 2.0 services development and application deployment is increasingly challenging for datacenter operations. Services need to be able to start small and scale very rapidly, often doubling capacity every three months even as they remain highly available. The supporting IT infrastructure must keep up with these enormous scalability demands, without generating additional administrative burden. Unfortunately, most datacenters are already severely constrained by both real estate and power - and energy costs are rising. There is also a new appreciation for the role that the datacenter plays in reducing energy consumption and pollution, and this information is increasingly visible at both the customer and corporate executive level.

As organizations seek to consolidate redundant infrastructure, simplify administration, and leverage under-utilized systems, virtualization technology has emerged as an extremely important tool. Security too has never been more important, with the increasing multifold costs of data loss and corruption, both in financial terms, as well as lost trust and damage to corporate reputation. Perhaps most important of all, systems that serve as consolidation platforms must be able to scale rapidly in multiple dimensions - in terms of computational power, memory capacity, and I/O throughput. In addressing these challenges, organizations can ill afford proprietary infrastructure that imposes arbitrary limitations on the most demanding mission-critical applications.

Employing UltraSPARC® T2 Plus processors - an evolution of the industry's first massively threaded systems on a Chip (SoC) - the Sun SPARC® Enterprise T5440 server offers breakthrough performance and energy efficiency to drive Web 2.0 infrastructure and address other demanding datacenter challenges. As the industry's first quad-socket systems supporting Sun's CoolThreads™ chip multithreading (CMT) technology, the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 server supports up to 256 threads in only four rack units (RU) - providing massive computational density while staying within constrained envelopes of power and cooling. Beyond computational capacity, this server also provides very large memory support (up to 512 GB) and extremely high levels of I/O throughput, with up to four times the I/O capacity of earlier single-socket UltraSPARC T2 implementations.

Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 servers employ very high levels of integration and balanced system design to reduce latency, lower costs, and improve security and reliability. With these advantages and Sun's embedded no-cost virtualization software, entire multi-tier applications and services can be consolidated onto a single Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 server. Better yet, organizations benefit directly from having both the processor and the Solaris™ Operating System (Solaris OS) available under open source license - leaving organizations free to innovate and join with a world-wide technical community.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.
04 Jun 2009
01 Oct 2008
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This resource is no longer available.