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Hitting Your Numbers: Creating Sales Excellence with Commercial Open Source CRM

It is already a given that a CRM system can help drive sales performance. So the decision to be made now is which CRM provider is right for your sales organization. This paper discusses the benefits of having SugarCRM® as your CRM provider and how it is based on commercial open source software, which gives the product a variety of benefits above and beyond proprietary CRM products from different providers.

In this paper, learn how SugarCRM brings together the right mix of sales automation tools, flexible deployment options, and an easily customizable platform thanks to its open source model. And the open source model allows all of this flexibility at a much lower price point. So, whether you have a small sales force and basic automation needs, or a large sales organization spanning several regions around the globe, SugarCRM has a CRM tool that is right for your needs.

Read this paper to learn how you can create sales excellence with SugarCRM® as your commercial CRM provider.

SugarCRM Inc.
02 Jun 2009
02 Jun 2009
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This resource is no longer available.