Presentation Transcript: Changing the Economics of Storage Infrastructure with Virtualization

Presentation Transcript: Changing the Economics of Storage Infrastructure with Virtualization


In these hard economic times, so much information is already out there about how to bring down the costs of storage infrastructures, but none of them describe how the design of a flexible and agile (adaptive) infrastructure actually facilitates these potential savings.


Examine how infrastructures that can't keep up with business strategies and programs can often corrupt business processes and manifest as...

    Overbuying to maximize impact (and minimize frequency) of capital acquisition requestsOver-Allocating to minimize application disruptionBuying only Tier 1 storage platforms and under-utilizingBuying storage systems on a per application basis

Learn how HP's SAN Virtualization Services Platform (SVSP) Delivers a Better Business Outcome

    Simplify storage provisioning, capacity expansion, and data protection across heterogeneous storage systemsEnable seamless cross-system data movement so that IT managers can easily and intelligently migrate or replicate data between storage classes

An Adaptive Storage Infrastructure offers the flexibility to improve/provide common tools and services for disparate storage platforms such as...

    Centralized ManagementPoolingCapacity trapped in allocationMoney wasted overbuyingProvisioningCapacity trapped in over allocations to avoid disruptionsDisruption to operations/applications adding storageConsolidationMigrating to fewer larger systems reduces footprint and environmental impact.Reclaim trapped space & reduce capital expendituresTieringReduced cost through buying less Tier1 storage and better matching the performance and availability attributes of the storage and applicationAdvanced Copy Services and Multi-Level Data ProtectionDisaster RecoveryRapid Application Recovery


Kyle Fitze StorageWorks Storage Platforms Marketing Director Kyle Fitze is the marketing director for the HP StorageWorks Storage Platforms Division. He and his team are responsible for the life cycle product marketing of the HP XP, EVA and MSA storage arrays, array software, Nearline tape and disk products and SAN infrastructure products. He has spoken at multitude industry events around the world to evangelize storage area networking solutions that deliver simplicity, agility and value to IT professionals. Richard Villars Storage Systems Vice President As Vice President, Storage Systems, Richard Villars assesses the development of storage hardware and software solutions. He develops IDC's viewpoints and advises clients on the evolution of storage networking infrastructure and next-generation storage technologies. Mr. Villars is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on managing storage growth, improving data protection practices.
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29 May 2009
15 May 2009
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