A Smarter Approach to WAN Optimization

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Organizations rely heavily upon their network and applications to drive day-to-day operations and support employees and customers. With more remote and mobile users dependent on the wide area network (WAN) and more Web-based applications coming online every day, the amount of traffic crossing organizations' networks is growing exponentially. When bandwidth congestion and network issues are allowed to impede the performance of critical applications, productivity suffers and the entire organization may be put at risk.

Network managers and administrators face the daunting task of effectively monitoring and managing network resources and bandwidth while meeting user expectations for consistently fast access to applications running on the WAN. At the same time, most IT departments also have the mandate to reduce operating costs and do more with less.

This white paper will demonstrate how organizations can overcome these challenges by implementing a Unified Performance Management (UPM) solution that addresses the three key requirements of application performance management: visibility, control and optimization. Unified Performance Management evolved from the concept of Unified Threat Management, or UTM, which describes a network firewall solution that incorporates many advanced features in a single box including e-mail spam filtering, anti-virus capabilities, intrusion detection and content filtering.

With Unified Performance Management, the core capabilities needed to effectively manage the WAN and ensure optimal application performance are incorporated into a single network appliance. These capabilities include real-time monitoring, reporting, traffic control, optimization and acceleration -- all integrated and accessible through a common interface and centralized management platform.

By providing a comprehensive solution for improving application performance, Unified Performance Management can positively impact the bottom line. UPM enables organizations to lower network operating costs, defer expensive bandwidth upgrades and increase productivity by reducing the time employees spend waiting for slow applications to respond. In customer-facing situations, UPM helps ensure customer loyalty and profitability by delivering the reliable access to online applications and services needed to attract and retain customers.

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Feb 8, 2021
May 27, 2009
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