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Enterprise Application Integration, and Spring

As SOA gains ground, more and more enterprises are trying to reuse and leverage existing applications, services and infrastructure. Historically, such reuse meant integration, and integration meant any number of things depending on the project. Today, a new breed of middleware, the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), has emerged to unify a lot of the disparate integration methodologies.

This session explores an integration challenge using Spring Integration. Spring Integration enables messaging among Spring components and adapters for integration with external systems. The session describes the problem and walks through the implementation, employing and expanding on the basic patterns of Enterprise Application Integration to tie together components into a function integration solution, and then demonstrates how Spring Integration helps address the integration requirements. Finally, it looks at the landscape of application integration solutions, including Mule and the JBI specification.

In this session you learn:

  • How to employ open source software to address complex EAI challenges;
  • How to use Spring Integration to integrate between Spring components and to connect Spring components to external systems;
  • How to employ Spring Integration as an enterprise application integration solution.


Josh Long Senior Software Engineer, Wells Fargo Josh Long is as a Senior Software Engineer and Architect specializing in Java integration and development. Josh has been working on computers for most of his life, and still pursues them avidly. He is an author, open source enthusiast, contributor and blogger. He contributed to the Apache Tapestry project, helped create a Maven archetype for J2ME, and maintains a project on Google Code. Josh actively participates in the Phoenix Java User Group.
21 Oct 2009

This resource is no longer available.