Oracle Compatibility Developers Guide for Postgres Plus Advanced Server

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Postgres Plus Advanced Server contains a rich set of features that enables development of database applications for PostgreSQL or Oracle. This guide focuses solely on the features that are compatible with Oracle. To learn about all of the features of Postgres Plus Advanced Server, consult the Postgres Plus documentation set.

Developing an Oracle compatible application in Postgres Plus Advanced Server requires special attention to which features are used in the construction of the application. For example, developing an Oracle compatible application means choosing:

  • Oracle compatible data types to define the application's database tables
  • SQL statements that are compatible with Oracle SQL
  • Oracle compatible system and built-in functions for use in SQL statements and procedural logic
  • Stored Procedure Language (SPL) to create database server-side application logic for stored procedures, functions, triggers, and packages
  • System catalog views that are compatible with Oracle's Data Dictionary
Postgres Plus Advanced Server provides these features.
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Feb 8, 2021
Mar 14, 2008
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