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Increasing Enterprise Data Warehouse Performance, Longevity and ROI with the Vertica® Analytic Database


Considering the strategic importance of Enterprise Data Warehouses(EDWs) and the millions of dollars spent creating and maintaining them annually, it is imperative for organizations to easily gain access to the wealth of information retained within them. However, many EDWs become victims of their own success. Over time, satisfied users demand answers to new questions resulting in an increase in the volume and variety of data EDWs contain, and the number and complexity of queries executed against them. If the EDW becomes unable to cope with the requests placed upon it, and service level agreements cannot be met, companies often incur expensive re-design or DBMS and hardware migration projects, which can take many months.


This paper describes how by offloading certain analytic workloads from an existing EDW, based on popular solutions like Oracle, DB2 and Teradata to a Vertica® Analytic Database, it is possible to increase the performance and longevity of the EDW and satisfy the ever-growing requests for information from the business.

Vertica Systems
23 Apr 2009
22 Apr 2009
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This resource is no longer available.