Presentation Transcript: On Implementation Trends and Lean Supply Chain Management (SCM)

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This presentation transcript defines lean supply chain and discusses how to cut costs out of your supply chain, as well as how to make your supply chain as efficient as possible. An efficient supply chain is by definition a lean supply chain, one that delivers products to the end customer quickly, with minimum waste. But how does a company go about making its supply chain lean? What steps must it take? How can a company use technology to achieve this? Can technology overcome process flaws? How does standard ERP and other manufacturing/business software fit in the creation of a lean supply chain?

This presentation transcript will discuss in detail the top ten technology trends to implement lean supply chain which include:

  • Create a consensus demand plan
  • Ensure supply-demand synchronization
  • Streamline supplier interactions
  • Rationalize the supply base
  • Continuously measure key performance metrics
  • Integrate engineering and sourcing into SCM
  • Get visibility into supply chain events
  • Deploy an integrated solution
  • Integrated global trade management
  • Focus on both - time and cost dimensions

Read this presentation transcript to learn more about lean supply chain benefits and the technology trends today.

Feb 8, 2021
Apr 17, 2009
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