BMC Software Hybrid Copy Techniques

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Because organizations are demanding 24x7 availability from their IMS, DB2®, and VSAM applications, it is imperative that those applications do not experience outages.

BMC image copies are fast - up to six times faster than the native utilities normally used for recovery. The BMC copy utilities can divide a large set of database copies into many parallel tasks running concurrently.

With Hybrid Copy, the user gets both high availability for copy processes and reduced recovery time for local outage events. In fact, for IMS and DB2 databases, the outage for the copy process can be completely eliminated by creating fuzzy copies and snapshots. The BMC products involved with Hybrid Copy are: 

  • DB2
  • IMS
  • VSAM
  • Read this white paper to find out how BMC's Hybrid Copy techniques help for faster system recovery in the event of a local outage.

    BMC Software, Inc.
    Feb 8, 2021
    Apr 17, 2009
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