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Using Static Analysis to Improve Software Integrity

To ensure the integrity of the software they deliver, many development organizations are turning to static analysis. With this approach teams can find and fix defects at the earliest stage in the software production lifecycle, saving time and lowering the costs of remediation. This session focuses on the key benefits of adopting static analysis and looks at specific defect examples. Stefan demonstrates how static analysis can be combined with other capabilities such as Architectural Analysis to create a powerful solution for helping developers build software that is reliable and secure.


Stefan Asbock Senior Sales Engineer, Coverity As a Senior Sales Engineer, Stefan Asbock specializes in understanding each organization's unique development challenges and helping them identify how automated source code analysis tools from Coverity can improve the quality and security of their code. Stefan provides technical demonstrations on actual customer code to illustrate how Coverity tools will automatically find and report various types of critical defects in customers' C/C++, C# and Java code bases.
Coverity by Synopsys
08 Apr 2009

This resource is no longer available.