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Gaining a Competitive Design Advantage in the New Telecom/Datacom Marketplace

The path to solvency and growth in the embedded telecommunications marketplace is not determined by technological innovation, per se, but by the market realities by which the ultimate consumers of technology (e.g., service providers and enterprise level consumers) make money in the new economy.

Today, the limiting factors to success are to be found in the ability to rapidly develop, test and deploy software applications that are delivered on-time and meet their pre-design expectations. As software complexity continues to increase, yesterday's development solutions are becoming part of the problem rather than being part of the solution.

Embedded Market Forecasters, in this paper, present the case for using Model Driven Development (MDD) as a preferred solution to not only meet these needs, but also to create a platform independent module that will allow rapid and accurate redeployment of previously developed software when the underlying hardware is replaced or modified. In addition, MDD enables documentation to be attached to the model so that years later (when presumably the original developers have long left the scene) developers will have available this essential information.

Telelogic, An IBM Company
02 Apr 2009
02 Jun 2008
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This resource is no longer available.