Ten Steps to Better Requirements Management

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Requirements definition and management is a necessary step in the delivery of successful systems and software projects; the discipline is also required by standards, regulations, and quality improvement initiatives such as CMMI®.

Creating and managing requirements is a challenge for IT, systems, and product development projects or indeed for any activity where you have to manage a contractual relationship. Organizations need to effectively define and manage requirements to ensure they are meeting needs of the customer, while proving compliance and staying on schedule and within budget.

The impact of a poorly expressed requirement can be devastating; it can have a domino effect that leads to time-consuming rework, inadequate deliveries, and exceeded budgets. Even worse, a poor requirement can bring a business out of compliance or even cause injury or death.

Requirements definition and management is an activity that can deliver a high, fast return on investment. This white paper explains the characteristics of a good requirement and presents ten steps to better requirements management.

Feb 8, 2021
Oct 1, 2008
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